Columbia, SC Did You Know?

Mowing Your Lawn Too Short Actually Causes More Weeds To Grow, And Hurts The Health Of Your Lawn!

It’s True!

It May Seem As If The Opposite Would Be The Case, But The Fact Of The Matter Is A Lawn That Is Kept A Couple Of Inches Taller Can Actually Help Get Rid Of Those Pesky Dandelions And Other Weeds.

It Also Will Give Your Lawn A Much Greener And Lush Appearance! A Longer Lawn Means More Leaf Blade, And This Provides Several Benefits… More Leaf Blade Means More Photosynthesis, Which Results In Stronger, More Prolific Root And Shoots Growth. This, In Turn, Means The Plant Is Better Able To Withstand Stresses Such As Insect Infestation, And Heat. Healthier Individual Turf Plants Lead To A Denser Lawn That Will Crowd Out Those Aggravating Weeds. Longer Grass Also Has The Effect Of Hiding Whatever Patchy, Thin Areas That May Exist In The Lawn.

Another Key Fact Is, Mowing As Low As Possible Really Doesn’t Save On How Often You’ll Have To Cut Your Lawn. It Will Only Buy You A Few Days At Best. The Overall Health Of Your Lawn Far Out Weighs The Minor Difference Between Cuts. And If That Means Less Weeds As Well, There’s Another Reason To Consider The Switch To A Slightly Longer Lawn Length.

Just By Keeping Your Lawn A Couple Of Inches Longer Can Save Money On Chemicals Needed To Kill The Weeds As Well! With Your Lawn Doing Most Of The Work, You’re Saving More Time And Money!

Keep This In Mind The Next Time You’re Mowing Your Own Yard. Or If Your Lawn Pro Is Doing The Job For You, You May Want To Reconsider Getting The Lowest Cut Possible.